Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Girlfreind Exprience Or The Big Show

Being a GFE escort is a lot like being an actress. We perform for you or that’s what the general line of thinking is. I feel it’s something different. It doesn’t mean I don’t perform but maybe not in the way it’s normally thought of.

I have formal theater training in my background. I have been cut out of some of your favorite Hollywood films. I have danced in videos you’ve seen on MTV and been involved with prestigious summer stock programs. Shhh don't tell.

All this helps me in my life as a GFE escort. It also helped me in pitch meetings when I was in the nasty world of advertising, but I digress.

I’m a method GFE actress not so much in the way of Stanislavski but more Uta Hagen and the use of substitution. In fact I had dinner with Uta once a long time ago, purely by accident and she spoke to me about the use of substitution and it made a life long lasting impression on me. Not only that this great actress and acting coach would take the time to talk to a kid about her craft but that she spoke so clearly and from the heart. I will be forever grateful to her for that.

As a GFE I want to find the moment, relive the sense memory when I am being intimate with a stranger who maybe i'm not very attracted to. I have to find a way to make the attraction happen, if only for a brief moment in time. It’s a representational acting relationship between me (the escort) and my audience (the client). Much like an actor on film/stage needs to make his audience feel its real. So do I. Only I do it naked in Heels and sometimes with a cock in my mouth ;)

Finding the connection is not always easy and if I didn’t have my theater training I’m sure it would be much, much harder. I don’t usually put on the “big show” where I scream and moan and dirty talk up a storm (though im not saying that’s never happened) to me that’s not real. Its not who I am as a sexual creature. I leave that kind of performance up to the PSE girls (they do it so well!) I have a quieter more intimate approach; I need to find a way inside to make it as real for me as possible and especially as real and connected as I can for my partner de jour.

Though I will use tried and true theater techniques to get to my goal. Its almost second nature now I hardly even think about it, like Nike… I just do it.

From the outside inconcentrate on the physical and let my body guide me to the conclusion

From the inside outthink of something that invokes the feeling I want to portray and let that guide me to the conclusion.

It’s important to me that i'm in the moment, that i'm as real as I can be, as venerable and as open as possible when I attempt to make a connection in a physical/emotional way with a stranger and I usually do succeed, at the very least I try to.

See and here you thought it was just about the fucking…


Valley Girl said...

Hey, cool! Do you have any sex tips in your archives?

Jenny DeMilo said...

hey thanks for your comment!

No archives to speak of now because my blog is in its infancy. maybe i should write some up, yanno if people were interested.