Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who doesn't love firemen!

toys_firemen, originally uploaded by Jenny Demilo.

The photographic evidence that i really did host a toy for tots drive and i really did go to my local fire station to drop the toys off.

The firemen were all really cool (and cute) and helped me carry everything from my car ( with their big strong fireman arms) and they were kind enough (and cute) to let me pop off a picture. so i lined them up in front of the truck (they were looking cute) took a couple snaps and then i said...

"okay now take off your shirts"

ya should have seen their faces!! it was brilliant! shock, surprise, titillation and i think the second one from the right really considered dong it!

The toy drive was a smashing success and hope to do it again next year. See i really am the hooker with a heart of gold.

Happy Holidays


Valley Girl said...

So, was that a "no" to taking off their shirts? =)

Jenny DeMilo said...

believe me if it had been a yes i would have captured it on film to share!

msSmunro said...

Stupid question I dont doubt but how does a Toy Drive work?

...and Merry Christmas :)

Jenny DeMilo said...

here in the states we have a charity called toys4tots that gives out toys to needy kids for Xmas. i had a party full of hobbyists and providers and made everyone who came bring a toy :)

then delivered them to a fire station who in turn gives them to the toys4tots people (who btw are the US Marines) simple as that!