Monday, February 23, 2009

Chocolate City!

I'm heading next week the the nations capitol on my first working trip there. I've been to DC once before on a quick jaunt from from NYC for a weekend to see the monuments and visit the Mall. I did visit my senator while i was there. Yeah I'm that girl.

I'm excited because DC is such an interesting city with so much happening these days. I'm also thrilled that im pre-booking my naughty adventures which should make this trip not only fun but solvent, always a winning combo for me. Because i want to come back and get to know to DC often and it being financially rewarding will make that much more possible

I will be traveling with my girlfriends Audrey and Vanessa and what could be more fun then that ... ahh nothing! hot girls, nations capitol, naked fun. yeah its going to be a good time... i can tell feel it in my bones. Okay maybe i will be feeling in in other peoples bones too :D


Anonymous said...

Have fun in DC.
Wish you were coming further south (I'm in Florida).

Bernz said...

Food tips for DC:

Noras - One of the country's first organic/sustainable restaurants. Even the waiter's uniforms are made of a cotton that's sustainable/organic. The food is very fresh.

Komi - alot like Erbulace

Palena - ecclectic new american

2 amys - ridiculously gourmet pizza

Dino - cheap, amazing wine and food

Hook - expensive, amazing seafood. Presentation for you to photograph.

Bernz said...

Oh. And for audrey:

Le Cupcakes (fancypants cupcakes)
Reeves Bakery (regular cupcakes)

Sabina said...

I lived in DC for a couple years and pretty much the only thing I miss is Amsterdam Falafel and Fries (in Adams Morgan), so you should go and let me live vicariously through you.