Friday, February 29, 2008

Sinff me out like I was Tanqueray

Amy Winehouse rocks my socks. Her, voice, her style, her balls to the walls attitude, her messy fucked up-ness. You don't get a voice filled with soul like that with out having lived a life...without living a life.

She's got personal problems.. yeah so what, who the fuck doesn't. I don't want squeaky clean, pristine, white washed, bullshit in my ear when I'm alone in the dark, contomplating my life. I don't want homogenised pop music i cant relate to blaring out my car stereo as i blaze down the 101 way over the speed limit on the way to screw a stranger 12 ways to Sunday. I want it gritty and i want it real and i wanna feel it.

I cheated myself
Like I knew I would
I told ya, I was trouble
You know that I'm no good

She's got depth.... and shes got pipes... and she's got my attention.


Therapeutic Ramblings said...

She reminds me of Kurt Cobain....amazing talent, but a complete train wreck as a person. Let's hope she lasts longer.

Jenny DeMilo said...

really who's not a train wreck. I think we all are. Shes just public and her life is under a microscope. I would say that most of us wouldn't fair as well with that kind of scrutiny.

Valley Girl said...

You're preaching to the choir!!! I heart her! So bad-ass. She's like Billy Holiday meets Lauryn Hill, no?